Denver’s city government just lost some more of its marbles

They’ve reduced penalties for a range of offenses, so that miscreants will no longer attract a jail sentence long enough to threaten illegal alien offenders with deportation.  The list includes:

Class 1 offenses, which carry a maximum jail one-year jail sentence and/or a $999 fine.

  • Bias-motivated offenses
  • Sexually-motivated offenses
  • Offenses against at-risk persons
  • Assault on a law enforcement officer
  • Assault with serious bodily harm
  • Assault with strangulation
  • Habitual domestic violence offender

Class 2 offenses, which carry a maximum 60-day jail sentence and no fine.

  • Sitting or lying in the public right-of-way
  • Unauthorized camping on public or private property prohibited
  • Urinating or defecating in public
  • Panhandling
  • Curfews and closures
  • Storage and loading
  • Prohibitions
  • Solicitation on or near street or highway

As Hotair points out:

Aren’t all women supposed to be able to feel safe in their own homes? But now, in Denver, you’ll need to have your husband or boyfriend beat you down and be dragged off by the police three times before it will be treated as something more than a “petty offense.” And why? Just so the City Council can stick their collective thumb in the eye of immigration law enforcement and make sure that the green card holder who is knocking your teeth out can’t be deported.

There’s more at the link.

One does wonder how they’re going to handle repeat offenders.  San Francisco already shows the effects of reducing penalties on misdemeanor offenses like public urination and defecation (coupled with a reduction in public sanitary facilities).  Will Denver now suffer similar problems?  I wouldn’t be at all surprised.

Denver’s already one of the most liberal cities in America.  I suspect that with this latest ordinance, the liberal chickens there are about to start clucking like mad, as they realize that their eagerness to thwart the enforcement of US law as far as illegal aliens are concerned is going to land more and bigger problems right in their own back yard.  One hopes they learn from the experience . . . but moonbats seldom do.



  1. The decriminalization of public defecation is especially amusing.

    Perhaps we should stage a Sh*t-in at Denver city hall?

  2. Good potential property boom in about a year, after the Cholera epidemic wipes out the city population.

    I am so glad the liberals want us to go back to 16th century science and values.

  3. I'm guessing Denver is slowly dying from loss of taxpayers, eroding property values, and the insanity of deficit spending. All are symptoms of an infestation of liberals.

  4. "One hopes they learn from the experience . . . but moonbats seldom do."

    Progressives show no ability to recognize the connection between cause and effect. This condition must be a required part of their belief system, as the constant face-palming that would otherwise result would have them debilitated from traumatic brain injury.

  5. …wait, they *reduced* sentences on assaults motivated by bias, sex, and at-risk persons?

    I don't think the snowflakes have thought this one through.

  6. Yes they made it basically legal to shit on the sidewalk now. My question is that given the state of denver overall will anyone even notice ?

  7. Property values in Denver are rapidly approaching the insanity-driven levels of Lost Angeles.

    My wife has a good friend who lives in Greely, and she tells us that Greely is rapidly becoming Little Tiajuana.

  8. One more collection of reasons for me to stay out of downtown. This disappoints me, but it doesn't surprise me. I used to live in the district that kept sending Pat Shroeder back to Congress. In my last election there, the Republican candidate got fewer votes than the Green Party candidate.

  9. You'd get a larger fine if you tried to ride the Denver light rail system without paying the fare, then if you shit in public! Man, are their values twisted?

    If I lived closer to Denver, I'd personally take a dump on Hickenloopy's (yes, I spelled it correctly) front lawn!


  10. What the hell is wrong with Colorado? I've got shirt tail relations out there, ranchers for the most part, and they're normal people by all accounts. I'm guessing it's the influx of Californians and border jumpers.

    Interesting observation about cultural enrichment and the great outdoors. Last weekend a friend went camping at a park in what was once peaceful pastoral rural Iowa. Couple of decades ago the agrigiants who bought up all the meatpacking plants cut wages, got rid of most white employees and brought in third world labor to replace them. Anyway, the park along the river was swarming with third world invaders, none of which spoke any English, who would just cop a squat where they stood to defecate or urinate. None of them seemed to use the provided toilet facilities except to corner any white women or children who tried to use them. They also had no regard for fishing regulations. They would fish with 8 or 10 rods each (2 is the max)and keep every fish legal or not. As the fish were caught they were handed off to a female member of the tribe to be cleaned and spirited away. DNR guys, aka fish cops, don't even bother to cite or stop them. The offenders don't speak English, have no ID or licenses and if cited wouldn't show up in court anyway. The whole situation is ignored. The free range shitting, the plundering of wildlife, the trashing of the park, the theft both thwarted and successful, the intimidation and sexual advances made to women and children. It's all ignored. Ruined a beautiful place our ancestors built for their posterity and one of the finest fisheries on the river wrecked. Sacrificed on the alter of diversity, cheap labor and enrichment of the ruling class. It's sickening. Note to the Trump administration: This is the stuff the people who voted for you want you to fix. Send them back. Build the wall. Drain the swamp. They don't give a flying quantum fuck about Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, North Korea or Russians. They're being invaded at home and dropping bombs and sacrificing our sons in assbackwardstan or getting into yet another war in Korea or endlessly antagonizing the Russians isn't doing a damn thing to fix that.

  11. People, please remember that I try to keep this a family-friendly blog, as far as possible. Kindly keep your comments within those boundaries. Thanks.

  12. I'm a bit surprised at the reduction in penalty to assaulting a cop. You'd think the police might object to that one.

  13. The libs that moved to CO from CA have NEVER understood cause and effect. They left CA because of the effect of the system that they voted in, and they are doing the same thing in CO. Once the unintended consequences of their current decisions begin to be felt they'll move on to some other conservative bastion and crap in that nest, until THAT place becomes a cess pit and then they'll move again. It's what they do.

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