Disbelievin’ Daddy

Too cute!

I wonder if she’ll apologize for doubting him when she grows up?  I somehow doubt it . . .



  1. No, but if Daddy is smart he will keep a copy of this to help her remember to have a little humility. We have such items on all three of our kids.

  2. I suspect that daddy has a history of telling stories wild enough that this little girl is already on to his tricks.

  3. Gentlemen, fess up. You have to know what you are seeing. This cute video is just more proof that a female will argue from her feelings. Where fact meets feelz. Yet somehow it is still his fault. But of course!

  4. Reminds me of my oldest's relationship with my husband – too many Dad jokes leads to some hilarious skepticism. I hope they post a video of her reaction when she actually sees snow for the first time.

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