1. This fellow may well be a moonbat, I don't know him.
    However, I contend that both his T-shirt and sign are saying the same thing………..silence is compliance.
    So I don't get your point Peter.

  2. No Cincinnatus, his T-shirt is saying you can be acceding to all those things by simply not speaking up against them.
    Obviously irony doesn't play well with this blog.

  3. @Mark: I think your interpretation is incorrect. His shirt is saying that silence is tolerance. His sign is saying that silence is violence. Disconnect, much?

  4. @Peter, we are going to have to agree to disagree on this one. From your perspective, he may be a fool and you've read it in that particular light.
    I would contend that on the balance of probabilities, he's a rational person who agrees with a particular cause, and the 2 messages are consistent in emphasising the concept that silence is acquiescence.

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