Doofus Of The Day #1,085


(Which could also be titled “Africa wins again!”)

Today’s award goes to an obliviot (clearly South African by his accent, so he really should have known better) who discovered the hard way that petting African wildlife is . . . not a good idea.  No.  Not at all!

Good for the piggy, sez I!  Obliviots have to learn the facts of life, sooner or later.  Thanks to the warthog, this one learned quickly – and he’s still alive to pass on the lesson.  In Africa, that’s a win!

(A tip o’ the hat to Andrew for sending the video link.)



  1. Warthog wasn't afraid. Man should have been afraid.

    Warthog showed him why.

    Hopefully, rephrasing the above:
    The stupid WAS strong in this one.


  2. Sir, how does one say, "This us the Real World. It is NOT a Walt Disney cartoon!" in Afrikaans? I don't believe that this bloody fool understood the message in English…

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