1. This 'DawnTJ90' may have been trying for irony; seems to be well aware that groceries don't appear on shelves by magic.

    On the other hand I have met people who do not seem to get that …

  2. At first glance it seemed idiotic, like so many other tweets.

    BUT when you read the whole thing, it was sarcastic or a bit of irony.

    After all we are blaming "climate change" on everything including Adult Sudden Death Syndrome (aka the not a vaxx got ya).

  3. Farming feeds people, people cause climate change. After everyone starves to death, no more climate change. QED.

  4. Personally, I like the person defending him who writes that he didn't mean all farming, just agricultural farming.

    In other words, not all farming is bad, only the farming where they actually, you know, farm. Not the best job of squaring a circle that I've seen.

  5. What do you mean? I buy my food from the grocery store not the farm duh.

    (just in case anybody's sarcasm detector is broken: yes this is satire).

  6. This reminds me of the lady who moved to a nearby rural town, right next to the family-owned dairy farm, and reamed the farmer out for milking his cows. "Why don't you just go buy milk at the store like everyone else?" she yelled. Dumbfounded, the farmer just stood there, because how do you correct that level of ignorance?

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