1. Eh. Just winch it back onto all six before the officer in charge gets back and nab a new drivers' side mirror from another unattended truck and it'll be fine.

  2. ..And the guide just stood there watching him go catty-corner and didn't say jack-sh1t.
    I'm glad those guys had that video to show the CO who didn't tell me to get over………..

  3. Kurt:

    Most likely the problem was due to the way it was loaded. When your wheel track is nearly the same as the width of the flatbed, there is no margin for error. If you don't keep it straight and centered when you pull on, you're screwed.

    I suspect they were taping this unloading because they anticipated the result. Since there is no tie down straps/chains in sight, I think they just pulled it on, and realized they didn't have it right, and were in the process of correcting the mistake.

    Mixing commercial transport gear with military equipment doesn't always work well.

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