Doofus Of The Day #751

Today’s award goes to a passel of thieves in Denver.

Denver police have arrested four suspects accused of unwittingly trying to sell items they stole back to the burglary victim.

[The victim] discovered the items missing at her home on Friday and drove to the parking lot of a nearby fast-food restaurant to report the theft. That’s where she says she was approached by two people asking if she wanted to buy a video game set. [She] says she was startled when another person walked up wearing her jacket.

There’s more at the link.

Nice of them to make it so easy for the cops, wasn’t it?



  1. Paul Harvey used to say there was no minimum intelligence score for criminals. Nice of these brainiacs to prove it. 🙂

  2. "…drove to the parking lot of a nearby fast-food restaurant to report the theft."

    WTF??!? Do they have police stations in fast-food restaurants now?

  3. The police requested the paper to identify the Dunkin' Donuts as a "fast-food restaurant" to minimize humor at their expense. 😉

  4. I was thinking more along the lines of: "Report it to the local gang members with whom she was friendly", but your version also makes sense. 🙂

  5. Sendarius – if I came home and found someone had broken into my home, presumably defeating if not destroying the existing locks, I would probably be pretty uncomfortable staying there alone until better ones were installed. If I didn't know my neighbors or couldn't go there for some reason, a busy parking lot might be a good next choice while I called the cops and figured out my next move. 🙂

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