Doofus Of The Day #777

Today’s award goes, jointly and severally, to the idiots responsible for this.

Some folks target shooting with high-powered rifles on a Johnson County farm this weekend apparently thought they were being safe, but four bullets ended up in two houses hundreds of yards away — in children’s rooms.

. . .

According to a Greenwood police report, 10 to 14 people were target shooting, but not the homeowner himself. Most of the shooters were teenagers, using AR-15 weapons.

. . .

The residents in the first home hit heard a bang, came into a room to find a puff of smoke that ended up being drywall powder still flying and eventually followed it to a toy box in a children’s play room.

“Inside the toy box was a small stuffed animal that had stuffing coming out of it,” the police report says. “A 5.56-mm bullet was recovered from the stuffed animal.”

The residents of that home called Greenwood police, and while an officer was at the home, he could hear gunfire coming from the east. As he drove in that direction, he learned another home had been hit.

That home, several blocks farther west, was hit twice.

. . .

Johnson County Sheriff Doug Cox said his department handles incidents like this one about once a month.

There’s more at the link.

Way to go, dumbasses.  Not only did you endanger lives, you also handed ammunition (you should pardon the expression) to every anti-gunner who wants to demonize responsible gun-owners by associating them with idiots like yourselves!



  1. Yes Peter the big problem with this story is that many of the "gun stupids" ARE COPS! At least they are here in spencer co. Ky. Where local cops regularly shoot 300 win.mag. and AK-47 class firearms into houses while poaching–drunk. Since at least one of the "police" was a KSP officer the game warden won't even come out and investigate. All we can really do is hide in the basement till our local "he-roes" run out of beer or ammo. The most fun is watching them blast away in the dark onto our street(they hunt and sometimes just shoot for fun facing the sub-division at 300 yards range with magnum rifles) and then search our back yards in the dark for the wounded deer. So don't blame this on "kids" , they are just aping the "adults".—Ray

  2. Anonymous, Spencer county eh.

    I live right down the road from you in the NE corner of Bullitt Co.

    Around here, you don't hang out in the woods during deer season.

  3. I suspect you have to have learned the rules before shooting to follow the rules. At a guess, none of these people ever had any training – not even and experienced acquaintance at the local range. I can't imagine any other way you could think this was a good idea.

    It's not like there is a shortage of people who'd be willing to teach someone the basic rules of safety – as a matter of fact – you could do that in schools – Oh, wait that would require saying the words gun and or sight and probably bullet, which might get you arrested as a domestic terrorist.

    See how well that works.

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