Doofus Of The Day #791

Today’s award goes, with a double helping of anger and disgust, to Dr. Nancy Snyderman and the errant members of her NBC News team.

NBC medical correspondent Dr. Nancy Snyderman issued a statement tonight apologizing for reported violations of the quarantine she and her NBC News team were placed in after freelancer photographer Ashoka Mukpo, who was working with the NBC team in Liberia, was diagnosed with Ebola.

. . .

Reports … alleged that Snyderman was spotted in public, in violation of the quarantine, to pick up soup from a New Jersey restaurant.

There’s more at the link.

Dr. Snyderman, your conduct is intolerable.  I don’t care whether or not you and/or your team have no symptoms – you were in direct, prolonged contact with someone who is now a confirmed case of Ebola.  Whether you like it or not, that means you’re automatically under suspicion of having contracted it unless and until you’re proven free of it – which means three weeks’ quarantine.  To disregard your voluntary agreement to that quarantine – you, personally, a doctor! – means you think you’re above the law and the rules;  they apply to ‘the little people’, but not to you.  Your arrogance is inexcusable.

At least the New Jersey authorities were prompt to make Dr. Snyderman’s ‘voluntary’ quarantine involuntary and mandatory.  I hope they go further.  If any member of her team does transmit the Ebola virus to others after having broken their voluntary quarantine, I hope and trust they’ll ensure that those concerned face charges for – at the very least – criminal negligence.



  1. If she does in fact spread the disease to others, how can she not be considered to be as bad as the killer at Newtown?
    Being responsible for the deaths of dozens of people because of arrogance is no better than any other reason.

  2. Voluntary quarantine? Oh, lord. I like the way ships do it. A ship gets yellow flagged, it is denied port entry or anchorage within swimming distance to land.

  3. " . . . you're automatically under suspicion of having contracted it unless and until you're proven free of it – which means three weeks' quarantine."

    And now we have credible reports that medical "authorities" are admitting Ebola can at times take longer than 3 weeks to manifest symptoms.

  4. I find the cavalier attitude toward Ebola infection, and behaviors which support infectious activities, apalling.

    In industry we routinely set Six Sigma performance as a minimum standard, then strive to improve on that.

    Six Sigma is 3.4 errors per million events; three and a half bad widgets per million produced is a pretty darn good quality standard.

    Three and a half Ebola transmitters per million people will kill us all.

    Which may be the goal of the Obama administration and its travelers.

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