Doofus Of The Day #805

Today’s award goes to two indolent Italian traffic cops.

Two Rome traffic police officers … were supposed to be tracking speed in the Casilina area of the capital on Friday night when they fell asleep in their car, La Reppublica reported.

They awoke at around 2am on Saturday to find that their speed camera, which was perched on a tripod in front of the vehicle, had been stolen.

At first, it was thought the officers could have been “drugged” by sleeping gas placed in the car’s ventilation system, La Repubblica reported.

But it was later concluded that they simply nodded off, perhaps aided by the warmth of the car’s heater.

It’s a nap that could cost them dearly as the pair now face a disciplinary process, and possible suspension.

There’s more at the link.

The long arm nap of the law?


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