Doofus Of The Day #811

OK.  You’re a crook.  You decide to rob a store for some quick money.  What’s the absolute worst kind of store you could pick?  The kind where you’re virtually guaranteed to run straight into the long arm of the law?

That’s right.  You guessed it . . .

An instant Doofus award to the criminal for what Massad Ayoob terms “A sudden and acute failure of the victim selection process.”  How the hell is he going to explain that decision to his cellmates?



  1. A few years ago a guy robbed a donut shop in SoCal right where the cities of Whittier, Sante Fe Springs, and La Puente came together. By the time he was ready to leave police from two of those cities plus LA Couny Sheriff deputies were on scene.
    The newspaper noted that the miscreant had failed to study the "migratory habits" of law enforcement. I've appreciated that expression ever since.

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