Doofus Of The Day #863

Today’s award goes to a hapless goose breeder in China.

A flock of 1,300 geese have been found strolling along an expressway in China.

They were found on the Hubei section of the Erlianhot-Guangzhou expressway.

The owner of the geese said he was trying to herd them to the market instead of using a truck, in order to save money.

He may have been saving money for himself, but he was causing everyone else on the motorway a lot of aggravation!  Here’s how it looked.

I don’t know how US cops would have handled that.  Jaywalking is one thing, but goose-walking?



  1. If you live in cattle/sheep country, be prepared, cause a herd/flock in the middle of the highway happens on a regular bases.

  2. Normally I'd say that he's quacked up, but as those are geese not ducks, I guess he's just having a honking good time (grin).

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