Doofus Of The Day #900

Today’s award goes to all the idiots involved in this battle of the machines.

Police in northern China say an argument between construction workers escalated into a demolition derby-style clash of heavy machinery that left at least two bulldozers flipped over in a street.

. . .

The construction workers were from two companies competing for business, Xu Feng, a local government spokesman in Hebei province’s Xingtang county, said Monday. He said he couldn’t disclose details about arrests or injuries until an investigation concludes.

There’s more at the link.

Here’s how it went down.

I wonder if we could get those nitwits to volunteer for China’s construction projects on disputed islands?  With skills like that, they’d sink the damn things!



  1. Not everything that is yellow and moves dirt, is a bulldozer. Those were all large front end loaders. Notice wheels, not tracks.

  2. Those aren't dozers, but articulated loaders. That's funny. Wonder what set it off.

    Fortunately, it wasn't with equipment for which I'm responsible.

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