Doofus Of The Day #942

It seems a Swedish gentleman was at a party when he decided to try to drive a golf ball on a frozen lake. Trouble is, it wasn’t quite frozen enough.

Er . . . better luck next time . . .



  1. Pulled his right foot/leg, an obvious duffer-mistake…so – would've been a very, VERY bad slice, even had he managed to get the shot off.

    Two major flaws, right up-front:

    1) Clear-cut lack of proper footwear, especially in view of taking stance on an overly-smooth, non-traction driving surface.

    2) Never, NEVER try to drive on/off black pond/lake-ice, which is by default a) relatively quite thin and fragile, this early in Winter (even in Sweden), and b) thereby overly-vulnerable to primary-single-point landing(s) of falling bodies, even from only roughly three-foot height.

    Hope he was wearing a water-(as well as COLD-)resistant wristwatch…

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