The SJW anti-Trump hissy-fits continue

I note with disgust that a lawyer made a scene on an aircraft by confronting and yelling at Ivanka Trump this morning.  From the report, he appears to have no realization that what he did was out of line, even protesting to the airline staff who removed him from the plane.

As Vox said of the incident:

Don’t even try to reason with them. They’re not capable of it. Do you really think the guy thought through whether publicly accosting a woman with children and informing her of his opinion about the presidential election was worth the risk, however small, of being ejected from his flight?

And given his inability to understand why he was being kicked off the plane, do you really believe the man would have reached the correct conclusion if he had?

Don’t speak Chinese to an English-speaker. Don’t speak dialectic to a rhetorical. And SJWs are, by observation, uniformly limited to rhetoric.

So true.  So very, very true.

Here’s another collection of SJW reactions to the Electoral College vote last Monday.  They exhibit exactly the same derangement syndrome as the lawyer did this morning.

You’re not going to stand for this, o special snowflake?  Well, then, what are you going to do about it when you find out that we aren’t going to stand for you any longer?



  1. Lawyer-boy is lucky he left the airplane under his own power and with the same number of teeth he boarded with… Secret Service detail were quite restrained.

    Others have suggested he and his husband be reported to CPS for child abuse, too.

  2. As I read other accounts of this ass-hat (and his 'husbands') behavior it becomes clearer this was virtue-signaling writ large.

    Somehow I don't think Dan or Matthew realized what a Federal offense can do to his law license, even in New York state..

    I will bet the Trump's legal team are investigating filing an assault and staking complaint.

  3. On general principles, I am favorably-disposed toward public protests, even (or perhaps especially) political ones – where the selected venue is appropriate, they can be rather enlightening, and they are often at least quite entertaining…even quite amusing, at times.

    However, inside crowded "official" spaces during legal proceedings is not only inappropriate, it's near-psychotic, obviously chaotic, and usually unlawful, at the least. Within the confines of a closed, mostly-crowded aircraft…especially shrilly-expressed, rather clearly unprovoked/uninvited and off-kilter incoherent…it's not only psychotic and openly-assaultive, it's both unlawful and begging for a physically-violent response – if (as seems likely) the S.S. folks were present, that "lawyer" should have been dropped in his tracks, one way or another.

  4. "Goldstein's husband, Matthew Lasner"…..SO a gay whiney hissy fit throwing New York jewish lawyer….

    No stereotypes there….

  5. And this behavior is not acceptable when your target is the daughter and grand-children of a man who has made a few phone calls and named names for government positions.

    Trump ISN'T President yet, you idiots!

  6. I read where he was holding his child as he was doing this. Child services should be sicced on him. But given the current government I doubt anything happens to the sniveling little shit.

    Now to disbar the guy.

  7. Jared, Ivanka and children were using public transportation. That's a strong and good statement right there as to what the Trump administration will be about.

  8. It would be so very lovely if such things as the "Oneworld Alliance" would apply banning orders uniformly across all air carriers in the network, and if this sort of nonsense would result in lifetime banning orders across these networks …

    If you think air travel across the United States is horrid, try Amtrak sometime.

    You'll wish you had taken the really cramped window seat in one of those stupidly tiny Bombardier jets that certain airlines like to fly over various corners of the country.

    Perhaps that lawyer can now enjoy the nicely relaxed speed of travelling by cargo ship between American sea ports on the Atlantic and various ports in the UK, for instance — the best I'd managed to work out was slightly more than two weeks.

    Oh, were you in some kind of hurry? 🙂

  9. Ivanka has become a target of choice for these creeps. I noticed a headline on Drudge about Amazon reviewers trolling Ivanka Trump products, so I looked up Ivanka Trump on Amazon. I clicked on one of the dresses on the page and looked at the reviews. The reviews (over 100), and the question & answer list consisted entirely of insults, and political trolling. (And frighteningly bad trolling at that) These are some truly rotten human beings.


  10. Just watched on the news here a story about a black church that was fire bombed just before the election. The perpetrators painted on the brick side wall in meter high letters "VOTE TRUMP" – although the inside was gutted, the paint on the outside brick wall survived. The Government investigated the fire as a hate crime by those hateful, racist Trump supporters.

    The investigation showed it was done by a black man who was a member of the church and was mad at someone in the church. He is not a Trump supporter, but painted the VOTE TRUMP to make trump supporters look bad and encourage other blacks to vote against Trump.

  11. What frosts me is that if some Republican or Conservative type had done this to Obama or Clinton's family, it would have been labeled bullying of the first degree and all of the MSM would have their shorts in a twist. But because it was a liberal hasseling a Republican it's all ok.

    Never mind the fact that daughters don't have a lot of influence on what their dads do or don't do. While Ivanka may have more influence than most, I'm betting he would not have stopped his campaign if she wanted him to.

    It is no wonder that few competent folks run for public office when these activities are allowed/condoned/accepted instead of universally condemned. I hope Trump's lawyers go after this idiot and sue the living daylights out of him. Actions have consequences. We need to start following the Golden Rule of do unto others as you would have them do unto you. If you don't like the election results, make sure you voted, and write your congress critter about any policies that are changed. And realize you wont always get your way!!

    Plus doing this in front of kids…hers, his…is just so wrong on several levels. So much for Christmas spirit!!

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