Doofus Of The Day #956

Today’s award goes to two idiotic turkey hunters in Kansas.

A hunter who believed he had taken down a pair of turkeys set out to find the birds, only to discover his brother and friend wounded on the ground. Kenneth Dienst, who was out hunting with the victims on the opening day of turkey season in Kansas, accidentally shot the pair after mistaking their disguises for real birds.

The victims, identified as Gary Dienst and Justin Wiles, had been hiding behind preserved turkey tail fans, meant to act as a decoy to attract other birds … the two victims returned to where Diesnt was hunting without notifying him.

There’s more at the link.

Of all the dumbass things to do, returning to where you know another hunter is waiting, whilst waving turkey feathers in front of your face as a disguise and making turkey calls, has to be right up there on the list!  At least their injuries weren’t too serious – they were able to walk back to their vehicles.



  1. I live in turkey country. It is brooding season here, and there is lots of activity. Interesting to watch. I've never seen anything quite as described above here. Maybe it's new turkey culture. 🙂

  2. In a similar vein, should you manage to take a small buck never ever throw the field dressed carcass over your shoulder and carry it to your vehicle. Always drag the beast out.

  3. Do you think that guy Dick Cheney shot was disguised as a democrat decoy? I know they were bird hunting when it happened and democrats can sound like turkeys, doves, vultures, catbirds, parrots…. all kinds of things…

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