Doofus Of The Day #982

Today’s award goes to a wannabe holdup artist in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

. . . two employees noticed something familiar about the robber’s voice and facial features “visible through the holes” in his ski mask.

“Cleveland, is that you?” one of the employees asked, according to East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s police records of the Oct. 3 incident.

“No, it’s not me” Cleveland Willis, 28, the suspected robber replied, according to police records.

Willis worked for the KFC for “several months” with the same coworkers he’s suspected of robbing. He was also seen seen driving away from the crime scene in a silver Nissan Altima, the same car he used to go to work in . . .

There’s more at the link.

Genius!  Sheer criminal genius!  I look forward to hearing about the reactions of his fellow felons behind bars when they hear about his masterly (?) planning . . .



  1. I think he'll find the food at his new location will not be as tasty as what he could once find all day, every day.

  2. You hafta pour some lemon juice in your eyes if you want to make sure you won't be recognized! Doofus didn't know that.

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