Doofus Of The Day #987

Hint:  When deploying a taser . . . shoot straight.

Admittedly, in a hand-to-hand melée, that can be difficult;  but I can’t help wondering how many beers that officer had to buy for tasing his own colleague!



  1. Tasers, because of their design, are not terribly accurate, so, I'm not shocked he got his partner. I am surprised that his training didn't include the idea that if you are going hands on, use the taser in its contact function.

    But regarding the perp, he is simply a moron. As the saying goes, "you might beat the rap, but you can't beat the ride."

    Regardless of if the perp manages to get acquitted, or the original charges dismissed, he is absolutely going to get convicted of resisting arrest.

  2. The worst is not the beer he has to buy. It's living down the fact he tased his partner, not the perp. That will be remembered at his retirement party.

  3. I've always wonder this about tasers. Whatever the circumstance, what might, or would. be the result of being tased if the target had a heard problem, like a weak heard or a faulty 'electrical' system of the heart?.

  4. Stu,
    a number of people have died from police taser use, here in the US. Look on u-tube, lots of misuse of the thing. Really stupid employment rules. Basically anything goes, since it is "non-lethal" force. When someone has a bad result, the agency just responds: oops!

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