1. The video, the article, and the the Wikipedia entry all omit a pertinent fact: Which Germany? The powerplant seems Trabant-like, but both Germanys were so poor after the war . . .
    Now I want to drive one. Does that make me a bad person?

  2. I would reckon that it is an East German effort – by 1951, West Germany had recovered economically so would not have attempted anything like this.

    Unless it was their revenge on the world for losing two world wars in succession …

    Phil B

  3. I attended the Woodward Dream Cruise during the Ford Centennial. I remember stepping to the edge of Woodward Avenue and the first car I laid eyes on was a Trabant heading South on Woodward Avenue in a cloud of blue smoke.

  4. Rear wheel steer!!! Holy Cr… What that thing replicates is a tail-dragger aircraft. As long as you don't go faster than a warehouse forklift, it should be tolerable. Sort of. Sheesh.

    Aluminum bodywork. I'll bet Hoffman worked in the aircraft industry during the war.

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