1. midway through I'm going 'oops' just like you.

    at the end I was laughing and thinking "If at first you don't succeed, try try again"

    I'm impressed with how calmly they seemed to take events.

  2. I love the first part where Ivan seems to say to Nikoli "Maybe we ought to get out of the way before these idiots start."

    stay safe.

  3. One of the first lessons that a tow truck driver learns when pulling a vehicle back onto it's wheels is to set the parking brake, and turn off the ignition.

    Once it lands on the wheels, it will tend to roll as far as the slack in the chains or cable will allow. In addition, quite often the chain hooks will disengage due to the bounce when the suspension and tires compress and rebound. It becomes a mad scramble to throw something in front of a tire to stop the movement 😀

    With fuel injection, engines will run while the vehicle is laying on it's side. If the driver didn't bother to kill the engine before bailing out, what do you think the chances are that it's still in gear?

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