Escape artist at work

Good luck keeping this cat caged!  It’s the mascot of a veterinary clinic in Marseilles, France.  Apparently it was only put in the cage to demonstrate how it can get out again – it has the run of the place.

I think we should ship Miss Memphis Belle over there to learn a few more escape tricks.  That’d drive Murphy’s Law quite batty when she got back!



  1. Yeah, because she needs that. Thanks a lot, pal.

    Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go plug yet another "secret passage" out of the dog run following her latest walkabout session.

  2. Hey Peter;

    I was thinking the same thing, "will a german shepard fit inside that cage…" then I see the bottom of your pic…

    Warped minds think alike…

  3. Looks like the spitting image of my cat Mojo. Moe has opened doors with the more or less flat levers by pulling the lever down and leaning on the door.

    This is pure determination. The cat doesn't seem to really understand how to work it, he (?) just knows to keep messing with it.

  4. that is one rule about animals. They never give up. And they do not respond to "reason". When they do something it is with equal agreement.

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