Ever heard of a Porsche tractor?

I hadn’t, until I came across this report.

Porsche drivers do not generally have mud under their fingernails or ruddy complexions – but this month a special breed of the aficionados mark a 50th anniversary. It was half a century ago that the last Porsche tractor was made.

In a significant change of direction, the Stuttgart-based company stopped making its tractors in 1963 – the same year it started production of its now legendary 911 sports car.

Yet the 120-horsepower two-cylinder bright red tractors with the distinctive engine cover had by this time built up a loyal customer base for the great performance they consistently demonstrated.

. . .

Restored examples can now fetch up to €18,000 [about US $23,600], the Frankfurter Rundschau newspaper said on Wednesday, but even bashed up ones are still worth a lot – and their value is rising.

There’s more at the link, plus a photo gallery of images.  There’s also an enthusiasts’ Web site about them, and a number of videos of vintage Porsche tractors on YouTube.  Here’s one example.

I can’t help but feel a little disappointed.  I mean, I’m sure it’s a perfectly adequate tractor . . . but being a Porsche, why isn’t it plowing at a hundred miles an hour?



  1. I agree with the other commenter.

    According to TractorData.com, the biggest available engine was 50hp.

    That would be just right for a tractor that size. 120 would be ridiculous.

    PS – I read your second novel. Very enjoyable … deliciously old-school.

  2. Lamborghini still make tractors. I don't think they come in bright yellow or fluorescent green like the cars though…

  3. Porsche was not the only tractor company in Europe.

    We had a early 1950's Lamborghini 20hp tractor on the farm when I was growing up. My dad sold it for scrap in the late 80's when we couldn't get parts for it when it broke down. I wish I had it now.

    I can say I had a open top Lambo as a teenager…

  4. That's an interesting one… Didn't know that at all! One DOES wonder what the top speed was thought… 🙂

  5. Remember seeing them when I was a soldier in Germany mid 60's. Liked the styling; very distinct.

  6. I took a picture of one of those in Switzerland in 1989. It had a plow blade mounted on the front. I used to ask people if they had ever seen a Porsche snowplow before showing them the picture.

  7. "…why isn't it plowing at a hundred miles an hour?"

    'Cause, while it handles great on the straightaways, and it's adequate 'round the moderate bends, those 180's at the end-of-the-furrow fence-lines just don't work…

    …also, the plowshare keeps overheating – only air-cooled, y'know.

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