How (not) to get elected!

A German politician has demonstrated qualities that are likely to prove less than desirable to the electorate.  The German edition of The Local reports:

A would-be mayor of Frankfurt disgraced himself by throwing a high-ranking city official over a piano he was using to disrupt a prestigious award ceremony in the city hall.

. . .

The scuffle broke out in the Kaisersaal of Frankfurt’s Römer city hall, when three-time mayoral candidate Carl-Maria Schulte, 60, began disturbing proceedings with loud cat calls, thumping the keys of a piano, the Frankfurter Rundschau newspaper wrote on Thursday.

When the city’s long-serving head of protocol Karlheinz Voß tried to calm Schulte and get him to leave, the latter lashed out and launched him over the piano, spokesman for the city Thomas Scheben – who wasn’t himself present on the night – told the paper.

. . .

The ex-policeman, who has failed in a total of three bids to become Frankfurt’s mayor, has a history of making a nuisance of himself at public events – either by grabbing the microphone or trying to mount the podium uninvited.

There’s more at the link.

Personally, I’d be inclined to vote for him on the grounds of his potential entertainment value.  Think of the consternation and monkeyhouse during City Council meetings when he starts tossing recalcitrant councilors over the table!


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  1. The old hind brain took a left turn at mounting the podium… THAT mental image is now stuck in my head dammit…

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