Excessive tolerance, transgender edition

This morning I received an e-mail that made my blood boil.  I’m not at liberty to provide details that might identify the persons involved or the place, but in brief, a father was standing outside the ladies’ room at a supermarket, waiting for his daughter to come out.  A transgender individual with obvious and easily identifiable male characteristics made as if to enter the ladies’ restroom.  The father stopped him, only to be told by this individual that he was female.  A certain amount of disorder ensued, and eventually police escorted the father out of the supermarket.

This is complete and utter BULLSHIT!!!!

That father had no way of knowing whether this was a genuinely transgender case, or some pervert or weirdo looking to get his rocks off at the expense of the ladies and children in that room.  Therefore, if I’d been in that father’s shoes, my response would have been something like this:

“Sir, you may claim to be a woman, but physiologically you’re very visibly male.  My daughter is in that room, and it’s my job as her father to protect her.  Since I can’t do it any other way in these politically correct times, I’m also going to self-identify as a woman – just long enough to go in there with you, collect her and escort her out.  If you come within ten feet of her while I do that, there’s going to be a very loud bang, and you will require the services of the coroner.  Any questions?”



  1. Yup. I'll likely be self-identifying as a female in the future for ten minutes at a time, to protect the women in my life. Public restrooms are already unsafe, but if evil or stupid PC people try to make a women's room more unsafe for my mother, sister, wife, etc., then I am more than willing to make it very, very MUCH more unsafe for perverts, rapists, and kidnappers as well.

    This man's right to protect his daughter should be respected over the right of any mentally ill man to defecate in a women's stall.

  2. My daughter is 3.5 years old. Thankfully this madness doesn't seem to have made itself very prevalent in my neck of the woods (Tulsa, OK), but that doesn't mean my guard isn't up at all times (for ANY sort of shenanigans, especially since we have a pretty bad sex trafficking problem in Oklahoma). She still needs constant supervision right now anyways, but as she gets older, if there isn't a female relative around to take her, I believe that I will be self-identifying as her mother for 5-10 minutes at a time.

  3. It is long passed time to STOP the silly and self destructive compliance with "laws" that endanger our women and children. No more bull shit. We need to draw the line. Go near my child and I kill you mr faggot. No warning . No more talk. No more PC. Try to enter the lav with MY little girl and life ends.

  4. …self-identify as a woman…
    I'll pass this along to my son-in-law for my granddaugher's protection. Thanks for the idea.

  5. I truly believe that the Left does not care if attacks happen as long as they get to appease a "victim" group.

  6. I self-identify as a teapot, myself. Got the handle and spout and everything.

    Ultimately, it is these stories of parents being separated from their children while the kids are alone that frighten me. I recognize that the store manager has the right to eject anyone they want, even for this BS. I'm comfortable enough voting with my wallet, in the meanwhile, if this happens to be a chain market and you are willing to post the name.

    I hope to hell the father wasn't cited for anything. I can't help but think that the cop involved probably wasn't loving his job today, either.

  7. God help us. I'm glad to live in NC right now… If common sense and basic decency are bigotry, then you bet your buns I'm a frigging bigot, bud. I hope and pray that that father wasn't charged with any kind of crime and that his daughter was okay. I need a drink or something.

  8. Any bastard, anywhere, anytime, for whatever self identifying reason threatens or hurts my Grandkids, then this arthritic 65 year old, 5ft 3in Male Aussie will instantly self-identify as that persons exterminator!.

  9. I always found it weird and distasteful to take my little girl into the men's room at airports while traveling alone but I did it until she was old enough to go by herself. It was only 5 years ago but it was before this nonsense.

    I have never seen any women chime in about having men in their bathrooms so I guess it's OK with most women. How weird is that? You'd think they'd be all over the 'safe spaces mantra' of the victims.

  10. Well, I have on more than one occasion walked into a women's bathroom and found a very clearly male washing his hands at the sink, but so far all of those occasions have had an obvious reason, a couple were because of an issue in the men's room (and since there was no one in the women's at the time the guy decided not to wait), and one was a father helping a handicapped daughter who'd thought she could manage on her own only to have to yell for help. Not saying that bad things don't happen in bathrooms, cause I know they do.

    Honestly, the solution to the whole problem: make all bathrooms unisex. Put in full length partitions between the stalls and full length doors. Guys don't need urinals (most of you'all don't have them at home afterall). That way parents can wait within arms reach for children of the opposite sex, guardians of the handicapped don't have to find a "family" bathroom in order to help their charge on the toilet, and no one's going to question the gender of the person who walked through the door.

    Hell, I know several women, who are definitely female both physically and mentally, but who for whatever reason have a decidedly masculine look and who get hassled for using the bathroom that matches their plumbing.

    Using the toilet is something we ALL do, and perverts, kidnappers and rapists are not limited to one gender, or to attacking the opposite gender.

  11. Ruth, that's not a bad idea. If the .gov can create a mandate to make everything accessible via the ADA, they can certainly do it for this. Not that I'm a big fan of government intrusion into our lives, by any means, but maybe this battle could be fought once, at the national level, and be done with it! There would be some up-side to something like this being done… a lot of jobs could be created for all the work that would need to be done to convert restrooms as you described.

    At the Boy Scout camps I go to, the bathhouses are already set up like that, at least partially. There's a communal room where only scouts are allowed, with showers, toilet stalls, and sinks, and on each end of the building, there are four individual rooms, which are intended for the adults, each with a shower, sink, and toilet. And, in the back of the building, there are some sinks, for those who just want to brush their teeth, wash their faces, put in their contacts, or whatever.

  12. If you come within ten feet of her while I do that, there's going to be a very loud bang, and you will require the services of the coroner.

    There you go again with all that "pre-meditation".

  13. Dirk: it wouldn't even have to be THAT much work initially, beyond adjusting partitions. For the bathrooms that already have urinals in them, add partitions to the urinals and put a sign on those doors "URINAL ONLY". Then later as regular maintenance work is done on the bathrooms phase out the urinals.

    I doubt it'd happen any time soon though. People get too worked up over the idea of sharing a large room where there's toilets in private partitions with someone of the opposite gender……

  14. Ruth: Adjusting partitions would require replacement of partitions in many if not most cases. Most of the time, the partitions do not extend floor-to-ceiling. Most stalls I've seen are not designed to be completely private, visually, so there'd have to be some work done to remedy that, as well.

    And even if it's not something likely to happen soon, I like this solution far better than allowing the situation in Peter's original post.

  15. When I was in Tahiti in the early 60's, most of the public restrooms were "unisex". It was a source of constant amusement at Quinn's Bar to watch or hear the reactions of elderly tourists off the cruise liners.

  16. Anonymous – I have repeatedly stated on several different people's blogs that I do not want individuals with genitalia that doesn't match mine in the ladies room because I don't know that individual's intent. Nor do I want my sons, husband, brothers, father subjected to individuals with my genitalia in their restroom either.

    Ruth's suggestion may be the most practical but I think the sink area needs to be made Very Public so that people strolling by can see what is transpiring.

  17. The only reason for enclosing the sink areas the way we currently do in most bathrooms is because the toilets aren't enclosed. Once the toilets are enclosed thats no longer an issue.

    Honestly, if creepy rapist kidnapper dude decides he's going to hunt down a woman in a public bathroom the fact that the sign on the door doesn't match his plumbing isn't any more of a deterrent to him (regardless of what the law says) than that piece of paper protective order is for a battered woman whose former boyfriend has decided to hunt her down.

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