Facebook gets even more intrusive

Thanks to a link at Karl Denninger’s place, we learn that Facebook is trying to not only invade your privacy, but exercise control over it!

That’s right.  The latest version of Facebook’s Android app now wants to:

  • Read your text messages;
  • Control your smartphone’s other apps;
  • Control your smartphone’s audio and video settings, including recording (which would enable it to take snapshots of your surroundings, for example, and upload them for analysis);
  • Send e-mail (in other words, spam) to those using your calendar and other shared facilities.

I’ve said before that Facebook is a clear and present danger to the privacy and online security of its users.  This latest development merely makes that more obvious than ever.  As Karl Denninger puts it, as far as Facebook is concerned, you are the product.

Anyone voluntarily allowing Facebook this sort of control over their smartphones and personal information deserves all they get, IMHO . . .



  1. Anyone voluntarily on facebook is a bloody fool, and a danger to themselves and everyone they come in contact with.
    I worked in Sigint and Comint, but left it in 1991.
    From what I observe today, ALL social network sites are a dream come true for the above, and a Pandora's Box for the user.
    They just have no idea……

  2. I'm fine with Facebook itself, but I assume anything posted there is public despite my privacy settings. The app needing permission to send email from me almost had me ready to dump facebook on my phone. (If I ever caught them sending email,

    I've been meaning to look for an alternative Facebook app for my phone, this post reminded me to install one. Based on a brief Google search, I'm trying Atrium. Didn't ask for near the permissions of the Facebook app, appears to work OK, and the ad at the bottom isn't too annoying.

  3. and people complain about NSA??? lol

    Facebook and Google not only collect they exploit and manipulate you.

    So who is the real threat???

  4. Facebook can ALSO take pictures and record you WITHOUT your permission. That is crazy scary. Facebook has become the NSA of social media. BEWARE PEOPLE!!

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