Got to give credit where it’s due

Regular readers will know that I’m centrist-libertarian by political inclination;  not veering too far to Left or Right, but generally conservative on moral issues, with a strong libertarian streak that says I mustn’t impose my views on others, and vice versa.  I’m not likely to vote for most Democratic Party candidates, on the grounds that many of their party’s policies are statist and anti-freedom.

However, Ron Leach, a military veteran and Democratic congressional candidate in Kentucky, has just demonstrated real personal sincerity and commitment.  I’ve no idea what he’s like as an individual, or whether he’s worth voting for – but he’s earned at least a measure of my respect.

It is one thing to safely give stump speeches based on data, and anecdotal evidence. I have listened to thestories of an economy that fails most Kentuckians and Americans consistently throughout my travels over the past 6 months.  I hear the sincere pain and frustration expressed by my fellow Kentuckians, and I am deeply moved.  But it is another thing to immerse yourself in that economy and see if you could survive (without relying on my military pension and my wife’s active duty military salary).  The short answer is NO; I could not have survived the past couple months at the “entry level” of America’s economy in which an increasing majority find themselves trapped.

For the past couple months I worked for United Parcel Service, Louisville Kentucky, as an “air handler” loading and unloading cargo aircraft  – MD 11s, Airbus A300, Boeing 757, 767, and 747s. For the majority of this employment my co-workers knew nothing of my candidacy for US Congress. … I did it to ensure I do not lose a clear understanding of the realities and many adversities faced by the most vulnerable in our society – whether it is our Soldiers in a combat environment, or an average Kentuckian and American simply trying to build a life and future for him/herself and their family.  Here is what I found and experienced…

There’s more at the link.

I may not like his party’s policies, but any candidate who’s prepared to ‘walk the walk’ and go experience for himself, the hard way, economic reality in his district definitely has some good points.  Thanks, Mr. Leach.  I wish there were more political candidates who’d do the same – on both sides of the aisle.

I think my blogging buddy Daddybear is based in or near Mr. Leach’s district.  How about it, Daddybear?  Any feedback on him?



  1. Looked at Ron's platforms… big social programs, union supporter. Some of the man's views I can respect… yes, lots of corporate executives are overpaid, yes, lots of people are struggling with getting by on what they're paid… but the remedies he's proposing don't pencil out mathematically… one for-instance being, if you divvied up the UPS ceo's bonus over the total manhours worked by UPS employees, you're probably talking less than a buck an hour. Likewise… I wish people would stop looking to Social Security as "a retirement plan"… it was never meant as that, and at some point in the time/population/age continuum, demographics will render it totally useless as such. I don't have a lot of answers to these difficult questions, but when a car is buried in a snowdrift… you don't back into it with the tow truck as fast as it will go before trying to pull it out.

  2. I live in his district so I actually have a say in this.

    Okay, so he got himself a part time, seasonal job at one of the regions major employers, and his main gripe — other than the fact that as an entry-level, part-time worker, he doesn't make as much money as he thinks he's worth — seems to be that the CEO of UPS makes too much money: "…about 200 times the national median income or 250 times the median annual income here in Kentucky." In his own words: "we need leaders not looters."

    Keep in mind that – literally – within walking distance of the UPS airport operation where he worked, there are a hundred other small business employers who directly or indirectly, support the airport or UPS, and within a mile there is also a major Ford assembly plant. (Fern Valley Rd. – Ford Explorer.)

    So, as a US congressman, what, exactly, is he proposing.

    I couldn't exactly tell from his website, because he had no specifics, but I suspect from the general attitude of his letter that he intends to "sock it to" all of those evil businessmen. You know, the ones who actually bring the jobs.

    In other words, he's another typical Democrat.

    No thank you.

  3. You can be a very good person, and still have wrong ideas.

    As the old saying goes, "The road to hell is paved with good intentions."

    For what it is worth, we served together but I never knew him on a personal level. A brigade is a big organization.

  4. @Roy: Thanks for the feedback. As one who lives there, you know more than we do.

    As for voting for him – I didn't ask people to do that. I merely gave him kudos for actually buckling down and trying to find out at first hand what his constituents were experiencing. He may or may not be worth supporting – but that was a good thing to do.

  5. Some further points I would like to make.

    First, the anonymous poster who posted just before me found specifics on the web site, so I took another look to see if I had missed something. Indeed, I did find specifics that I had overlooked earlier. But it doesn't help. He is indeed an anti-business Democrat – especially if your business happens to be a "big box store". Around here, that typically translates as a Walmart hater. Never mind that Walmart is the largest employer in some of the counties he is running to represent. And what is a "living wage" anyway? Apparently, he won't be happy until they are all unionized and then… GONE!

    And then there's this: "Implement the ACA to ensure health care security and therefore mobility and entrepreneurial risk taking and more small businesses to grow our economy." Yeah – hows that working out so far?

    Second point – I know you didn't ask us to vote for him. Most of your readers don't reside in his district anyway. But I thought people should know that just because someone does what you think is a nice thing doesn't make him the best man for the job. …and by the way, the job he got at UPS was in Louisville, which is *outside* of his district. Now, UPS is one of the largest employers in Louisville and they are known for hiring mostly part-time help in their facility at the airport. Most of those employees are college kids who work part time while going to school. He didn't mention that, did he. Had he gotten a job in Elizabethtown or Radcliff or Bowling Green, or at one of the many distillery's in the area, all located within his district, I would have had more respect for his effort.

    And then there's his veteran status. Yeah, he lays that one on quite heavy. Well, I'm a veteran too, and while I agree with him that our government should support our veterans more – especially those that are disabled through service connected injuries – I don't want the country bankrupted in the process. Another thing he fails to mention is the fact that it is *HIS* party that is in the forefront of screwing over veterans and retired military in order to shower more benefits on *illegal* aliens.

    Yeah – the more details I read about his platform, the less I like him.

  6. I can see why you'd laud his getting down in the trenches, but I have to say it smacks of a publicity stunt, so that he can prove the result he wants to make.

    Which isn't to say that I think the country and economy are trouble free by any means. But all that inflation he talks about didn't just materialize out of thin air.

  7. Hmm, smells to me like the politicians and "causes" bloggers who "try to subsist on SNAP's payments for the food budget for a week."

    Never mind that food stamps are supposed to be a supplemental help, not the only source of food budget. No, the display of piety of their tribal morals inevitably ends with them turning a sad puppy look at the camera and their audience, holding only a tiny pittance of their favorite quality foods, organic veggies, and high-end pastries, "with not even enough left over for a latte!"

    Meanwhile, everyone who's ever worked minimum wage, entry-level jobs, or had to stretch a tight food budget in the really real world is scoffing at them – but they, like this clown, don't care; they've demonstrated their voluntary matyrdom to their tribe, and that's supposed to firmly cement their place in the ranks of the sainted victims.

    Sadly, this is a great example of contact with reality not being able to make it through some people's worldview.

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