Halfway home, and another great restaurant discovery

Miss D., Alma and I are overnighting just outside Little Rock, Arkansas, halfway home to Texas after a fun experience at LibertyCon last weekend.  We’ll hit the road again tomorrow morning, and be home by early evening, God willing.

We asked Alma to choose a promising restaurant for dinner this evening, after we’d checked into our hotel.  She found The Pantry Eatery, a Czech restaurant which has three branches in the Little Rock region.  We chose the one nearest to our hotel, The Pantry West, and we headed there with eager anticipation.  We were not disappointed.  The service was great, and the food so delicious we’ve earmarked the restaurant for a return visit whenever we’re in the area.

We started with The Pantry’s Board, described as “Our Charcuterie ~ House Made Meats – Smoked Turkey, Hungarian Sausage, Bratwurst, Pecan-Smoked Pork Belly, Country Terrine, Liver Pâté – Accompanied by an assortment of breads, cheeses, and pickled vegetables”.  It was superb, and more than enough starter for three hungry people.  It could serve as a main course for one in its own right.

For the main course, I had the Rustic Bowl, a one-dish meal that changes every day.  This evening it was a hearty lamb stew served over mashed potatoes, which was delicious.  Miss D. went with a Jäger Schnitzel, and Alma tried something called “Svickova”, combining Czech roast beef, a creamy root vegetable sauce, bread dumplings, and stewed fresh cranberries.  We all sampled each other’s food, and agreed that it was very tasty indeed.

I was too full to eat dessert, but compromised by ordering a slice of apple strudel to go.  Miss D. tried a Nutella Creme Brûlée, and Alma enjoyed a Chocolate Salami.  Again, everything was very satisfactory.  We waddled out, filled to the brim, promising ourselves to return the next time we’re in town.  Highly recommended – so much so that it’s worth breaking your journey, if you’re just passing through, in order to try it.

After we’ve digested all that lovely food, we’ll be on our way again.  Regular blogging should resume on Wednesday morning.



  1. Yes, The Pantry West is a great place to eat when you are in or near Little Rock. Glad you enjoyed it.

  2. I live in Arkansas. I'll check it out next time.
    though next time you are in the southern part of our state, I'll recommend a grilled steak place that butchers the meat. There is a joy in watching them take the meat in and lay it on the grill.

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