He picked the wrong target

This mugger in Venezuela held up a man waiting to use the ATM.  Unfortunately for him, his chosen ‘victim’ was an off-duty cop . . . and he was armed.  Watch how he handled the situation, and note the lessons we can all learn from it.  Use full-screen mode for best results.

One bad guy, dead;  one good guy, alive and unharmed.  I’d call that good.



  1. I'm surprised he didn't point out how the cop dropped back to put his back wither to a post. He took action to reduce any threat behind him as he scanned for new threats.

  2. So how would that same scene have played out for an American civilian simply defending his own stuff? Once he was around the female, a hostile DA might well say you were no longer at risk and you were "returning to the fight." Great tactics and execution, no question. Just not sure how it would be for a non-cop to do that.

  3. @Rolf: I guess that depends on which part of the country you're living in. Here in northern Texas, I doubt there's a DA that would dare to bring charges against the cop, for fear of being summarily voted out of office at the next election; and I daresay there isn't a jury that would vote to convict, either. In other states, more infected by moonbats . . . not so much.

  4. Here in Australia, IF this exact scenario occurred, the Cop would be in a world of trouble!.

    There are so many potential charges that could be laid on him that would have the lawyers scrambling for a part of his hide, wether defence or prosecution.
    One thing for sure, he would no longer have a job in law enforcement, whatever the outcome of the judicial proceedings.

    Were this to happen to a citizen here in Australia, first up, the victim would be unarmed, it is prohibited to carry anything on your person that 'could' be used as a weapon, be it a can of spray paint, a knitting needle, a wrench, hammer or whatever, basically, the victim here would be 'done for'.

    In all probability, the offender would get away, and if unknown to the law, would most likely not be apprehended.

  5. From the way that goblin targeted one man, while completely ignoring everyone else, I would guess that he had little concern that there might be an armed citizen around.

    Since Australian police are only allowed to go armed ex officio, any off duty cop would be unarmed as well. Only a plain-clothes officer (detective or undercover) would have been armed in that situation, and I agree that he would have legal troubles.

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