Courtesy of an image posted at Gun Free Zone, I was led to this tweet.

I can hear two contrasting reactions flooding in from the blogosphere already:

  1. “Awww!  Such a cute kitty!”
  2. “Drive off and let the wind blow it away, dammit!”




  1. If you are familiar with electric trains the wires and system they get their power from is referred to as an "Overhead CATenary' (emphasis mine 🙂 ). Clear that is not a feline but a power source…

  2. Jeez, does nobody have any water they can sling at him? All I have to do is pick up the water bottle in my house and the cats scatter.

  3. Hose him off.
    Or else let him take his chances with wind resistance and gravity. Maybe he wants to travel out of town. Or at least, partway out of town.

  4. Aesop: maybe, indeed, he wants to travel… but he doesn't have a ticket.
    (New weapon of disruption: a stuffed cat with a magnetic base. Or a moggnetic base, as the case may be.)

  5. I’ve travelled on those services before nature retired me, this happened early in the evening aka well after beer o’clock starts.

    It’s an inconvenience but much overpriced booze is available and as everyone knows “enough beer makes even mediocre pussy very impressive”.

  6. Least it wasn’t a dude.

    I thoroughly enjoyed the video where the idiot protester on the train in the tube in London got dragged off and had a beat down from the commuters.

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