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I have a litmus test for every new (or the-old-is-new-again) so-called ‘gun control’ measure proposed in the aftermath of the Orlando terror attack.  It’s simply this:  “Would this measure have stopped the Orlando shooter from committing his crimes?”  If so, let’s look at it.  If not, why waste time on it?  It’s just another politically correct shibboleth.




  1. It is my understanding that the FBI, Homeland Security, and other government agencies responsible for keeping us safe have been directed by our current administration to explicitly NOT profile based on a person's associations with Islam.
    They can profile white Christians all day long with full government support, even encouragement, but hands off on the poor misunderstood Muslims.
    Are most Muslims here in the US going to suddenly go all jihadi on us? Probably not, but it really ought to be a valid indicator, particularly when coupled with a radical Imam and known associations with identified radical Islamists.
    Law enforcement dropped the ball on this last attack in so many ways. And I suspect most of them come straight from on high with the no profile hands off restrictions that have been imposed on them.
    That, and the incredibly stupid decision to treat this attack as a pre 9/11 hostage situation. They waited three hours before taking the venue. That alone likely doubled the death toll.

    1. The number of Muslims in this country is almost the same as the number of schizophrenics. And when comes to murder, both demographics commit it at about the same rate. (The Muslims are actually slightly higher, but my statistical abilities are too dusty to say if it's a significant difference).

      I'll just leave that at that.

  2. I like to reply with something like "I'm not opposed to gun control; I'm opposed to stupid and counterproductive gun control." Then you can either be nice when you bring the hammer down or not nice when you bring it down. But it has quite an effect, especially on those sorts who think they're the Smartest Kids In Class.

    And you'd be surprised at how many other people (who had kept their mouths shut) come up to you afterwards and congratulate you for putting the dimwit in his place.

    Err, hypothetically speaking, of course. I'm far to kind and gentle to actually do anything like this. No doubt you are as well.

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