1. Chelsea is butt ugly so her daddy would have left her off the pedophile plane he used to satisfy his urges and the media knows this.

    The media prays Ivnaka might allude to similar urges in her dad so they can pillory him.

    Did I mention I do not trust anyone who self identifies as a journalist or journalism major just on that evidence alone?

  2. Perhaps it's because she is reputed to not be Bill's daughter? Scuttlebutt has a close friend of Hillery as the father. Photos would appear to suggest confirmation, as she very much resembles the guy, in their facial construction. She in no way resembles Bill.

  3. I remember to have read a few years back, that "experts" think that ten to twenty percent of all children in germany have not the the
    father named in their Birth certificate as a true biological father. Than couple the fact sometime in the next years/decades
    under the biometric identifications laws for ID's could come DNA-testing….
    There could be then several bombs/scandals slumbering in these same databases, hmm?


  4. Because Chelsea looks enough like her Mother that they are afraid she's as rabid, and might bite?

  5. The question I'm interested in, is how someone with as much baggage as HRC is the D. frontrunner, and not in prison?

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