Laughing out loud at this one from Wirecutter.

Yep. That’s farm kids all right, anywhere in the world. I’ve been highly amused to find American farm kids behave just the same as African farm kids. They all have the same acceptance of nature and the real world, and lack false sentimentality. Salt of the earth – and naughty with it!



  1. My grandfather was a farmer, and once while we were visiting my grandmother decided to make chicken and dumplings for supper. The first step of this, of course, was to catch and kill a chicken (presumably one that wasn't laying very well). After cutting up the bird, granny gave the feet to my sister, after demonstrating that you could pull on the exposed tendons to make the claws grab. Sister spent the rest of the afternoon running around with the chicken feet grabbing anything that stayed still long enough!

  2. The wife (grew up on a hog farm) laughed. Said "You say that like you've never taken pig tails to school for show and tell before. The teacher was a little grossed out."

  3. I have fond memories of my youngest daughter and her 1st cousin play dancing with some dead mink and muskrats in my father's trapping shed and dueling with white tale deer legs.

    It was deer hunting season, so no need to call the DNR, eh?

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