1. One of the utter and complete failures of my childhood education was learning, me when I was an adult, that coyotes are faster on the ground than road-runners.

    What next? Sugared cereals aren't actually good for you?

    The "Sound of Music" is mostly humbug and imagination?



    I just can't take any more of my dreams being shattered… (walks off-screen, crying silently to himself…)

  2. My entire childhood was shattered when I discovered that a coyote
    is faster than a roadrunner, and that roadrunners can fly!

  3. Physics was really tough for me in high school as I had learned most of what I knew from watching Roadrunner.

  4. Looking at it from a purely academic and thus sociological point of view it is clear that the road runner is a coyote sexploiter and must be abused socially for maximum degradation and shit like that….because he is really a white tool of the ACME corp.

    Work with me, I'm building creds to get a job as university dean of undergraduate life.

  5. Sad. We have a few RRs in the neighborhood. A couple years ago we started seeing a hen with a couple of chicks on our dawn walks. We became fond of them because we would see them nearly every morning. Then one day I came upon one of the chicks run over in the street. Sad :(:(. Hate to see it because they are pretty scarce already, and the loss of even one diminishes.

    They are fascinating to watch as they hunt in the backyard.

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