1. Funny, I don't see anything a dog would shit on, that a cat wouldn't. Cats are just more clever about it. I used to go out on the commercial fishing dock to talk to the folks, and there's dog shit all over the docks. Cat shit?, nope, and there's more stray cats on the dock, than ones who live on boats.

  2. Tennessee Budd and Inconsiderate Bastard. THANKS! The bolt tool you recommended came today and worked perfectly. Now I don't have to tell anyone about my embarrssing FUBAR and oh crap


    Nobody ever hears about anything on the internet, right?

  3. Mine have a 165 acre backyard and they still can't pick a spot where I won't step in it. The male has acres of trees but he insists on urinating on every tire parked in the driveway. Makes changing flats or airing up tires a disgusting proposition.

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