1. I had no idea I was that fluent in Russian.

    Both times I did that, it was the featured toe, and a day before a significant trip. This is another reason why there's a small roll of cloth tape and some small gauze pads in my travel kit.

  2. Only 14 Languages? My mother's kitchen was a minefield of chrome table and chair legs. Hook the table with one foot and a chair with the other. Collapse on the floor hugging your feet and speaking in tongues.

  3. I remember many, many moons ago swimming off Sardinia and getting stung on the face by a jellyfish. I came out of that water near the German tourists who – despite not knowing any English – understood me perfectly.

    Actually, I'm very lucky. The bottom had a lot of urchins and if I had stepped on one while standing up I'd have been in serious trouble!

  4. I was assisting in the installation of an x-ray table at a hospital near downtown Cincinnati a few decades ago. The neighborhood was known as "Over the Rhine". To get the table where it needed to go, we had to wheel it through the radiology waiting room. As we were doing do, one wheel of the movers dolly ran over my toe. I said: "AH scheisse!" At that point a little old lady in the waiting area, in a heavy German accent exclaimed: "Ach, I know vat you say!"

    Everyone in the place busted out laughing.

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