High drag, low speed police pursuit


Thanks to reader M. W., who sent me the link to this news report.

COLUMBUS, Ind. — A call to police about a “suspicious bulldozer” in the area of U.S. 31 and Hawcreek Boulevard led to a first for the Columbus Police Department: a bulldozer pursuit at speeds reaching … 6 mph.

Columbus police were notified at 4 a.m. that a bulldozer was spotted in the area of 17th Street and Central Avenue traveling on the roadway, and officers located it and attempted to make a traffic stop, said Sgt. Alyson Eichel, Columbus Police spokeswoman.

The driver, Adam Jackson, 26, of Gray, Kentucky, refused to stop, and led officers on a pursuit southbound on Central. Officers used an in-car public address system, and gave multiple commands for Jackson to stop the bulldozer, Eichel said.

Jackson continuously made obscene gestures to police throughout the pursuit, while reaching speeds as high as 6 mph, Eichel said.

. . .

Jackson eventually stopped the bulldozer in a Cummins parking lot near Third Street and was taken into custody without incident, Eichel said.

There’s more at the link.

I’m glad the pursuit ended peacefully.  A bulldozer can wreak havoc, despite its low speed – just look at what Marvin Heemeyer did some years ago in Granby, Colorado.  Fortunately, this case had a much happier ending.

Nevertheless, some questions remain.

  • To shoot at a bulldozer, does one take up a bladed stance?
  • If a bulldozer flees from police, is it making tracks outta there?
  • If the bulldozer driver is making “obscene gestures to police”, is he being CAT-ty?

Inquiring minds want to know!



  1. It's a small dozer, but can push a few dozen compact cars into a pile. That, or take the corners out of a building, and bring it down.

  2. I remember some years ago when a dude did the same thing with an Army tank. Cops had to pretty much wait him out.

    Crazy people are entertaining.

  3. I grew up there! I can picture half of the intersections in the description. Pretty wild for a little town! 😅🤣

  4. I want to know what the police code for "suspicious bulldozer" is. If the medical profession has their ICD-10 codes for "sucked into jet engine, subsequent encounter" the police need to step up their game.

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