How and why I began writing fiction

Sarah Hoyt asked me to do, not just one, but two guest posts.  The first was for her personal blog, which I mentioned yesterday.  The second was for a joint writing blog she authors along with several other writers, called ‘Mad Genius Club’.  She felt others might be interested in how and why I got into fiction writing in the first place;  so I wrote a guest article for her on that subject.  She posted it this morning.

If you’ve ever wondered what drives someone like me to do something like this, you can now read all about it.  While you’re there, if you’re interested in writing, check out the articles contributed by all the authors who form the ‘Mad Genius Club’.  There’s some interesting material there.



  1. Great article, Peter. I've followed your blog for some time now, and have your novels in my digital TBR file. I've been following your self-publishing odyssey with interest, as I'm about to join you on the quest. I'm a traditionally published, mid-list author, and your comment regarding your earnings vs. mine snapped my head around. Congratulations to you. Enjoy your hard-earned success, but, please, don't neglect your blog! I must have my fix.

  2. Loved your article on Sarah's blog, when I saw it this morning. Will have to get out and check the one on MGC, too. I still need to pick up a copy of Ride the Rising Tide one of these days, too. I'll be back up to speed after my vacation eventually.

  3. Great article Peter, and now some of the 'comments' you've made over the last couple of years makes sense! 🙂 Well done Sir!

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