How to respond to a terrorist axe attack . . .

. . . with tongue firmly in cheek.  The video was produced in response to police shooting an axe-wielding attacker on a train in Germany last month.  That country’s Green Party protested the shooting, claiming that less lethal alternatives should have been considered.  This is one German response to their suggestion.

Uh-huh.  After you, Wolfgang!  Meanwhile, I’ll stick to my .45.



  1. Axe me no questions, I'll tell you no lies.
    Shoot the perp with a .45 and he dies.
    But watch in the news as his family cries.
    And says the shooter is the one to despise.

  2. My prescription is six rounds, centef mass, right Skippy. Followed by two to the cranium while he's getting his breath….
    Call me wierd, I like DEAD terrorists.

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