1. Not to be a grinch, but personally I do not consider handing a homeless person cash to be a kindness or a positive act as the chances are it will be spend on alcohol or drugs.
    On the other hand I do support with cash donations our local shelters that provide food, clothing, and a warm place to spend the night to anyone in need. Subject only to a few simple rules, unfortunate yet necessary.
    I also always add a good bit to my monthly utility bill payment as that extra goes directly into a fund that helps families struggling to keep the lights on and their home warm. Not because I love the utility company, but because, having done my due diligence, I know for a fact that every penny goes to those families, no rake for promotion or administration fees.

  2. That comic's exactly the sort of simpleton sophistry that enables the problems to metastasize.

    The pig should be rendered to ham and bacon for doing it.

    If you're going to hand cash to homeless people, cut to the chase: just buy them booze and drugs, and eliminate the pretend virtue you're signaling to yourself.

    That's not doing good, it's being an idiot do-gooder.

    The two are not interchangeable.

    The artist could have shown him bringing the guy a sandwich, or better yet, having him earn it by working for it, but such middling-intelligence solutions are apparently too complicated for a six-panel double-digit IQ cartoon.

    Utter Fail, Start to finish.

  3. On the other hand I think people are doing good things for the people they know or know of. Not travelling miles away to find a stranger, mostly, I expect.

    But that really isn't news. The scary thing comes if and when it is

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