I need help locating .22LR ammo for disabled students

I’m trying to line up various defensive shooting classes for disabled and/or handicapped students during 2014.  I usually use .22LR handguns for this purpose, as students can handle the minimal recoil even if their disabilities are significant.  I was lucky enough to trade into a couple of cases of .22LR ammo late in 2012, which made last year’s classes much easier to arrange:  but this year is looking bleak.  I don’t want to switch to BB guns for training, because they lack several features of ‘real’ firearms:  but if I can’t find ammo at a reasonable cost (students on a disability income can’t afford scalpers’ prices), I may have to.

Can any readers help me?  Here’s how:

  • If you have contacts at any ammo manufacturer or wholesaler or dealer, and think you can arrange for them to sell me a couple of cases of ammo for this purpose at affordable prices, I’d love to hear from you (my e-mail address is in my blog profile).
  • If you have a brick or two of .22LR ammo that’s surplus to your requirements, would you consider donating or selling it for a good cause?  Again, please e-mail me.

I’d be most grateful for your help.  The only conditions are that the ammo should be reasonably reliable (powerful enough to operate the mechanism of most semi-auto pistols – some cheap ammo isn’t loaded to the right power levels to do that) and accurate (in other words, shoot to point of aim rather than scatter its bullets about like shotgun pellets – don’t laugh – some cheaper brands have done that, in my experience!)

Thanks in advance for your help.



  1. If you have no luck finding 22LR, you may want to look at some of the airsoft guns on the market. Same weight and dimensions as the real thing.
    Have you checked with the CMP to see if they can help you out?

  2. I wish you luck. I was at my local family run gun store last week and they haven't seen any 22LR since July and are hoping for some in March. It's all spoken for already.

    Have you considered a CO2 pellet pistol? Beretta and Walther make pellet pistols that are the same size as their center-fire counterparts, the safety levers are the same too.


  3. Peter,

    I've posted links to this post at OK Shooters and CMP forums. Hopefully that'll send some traffic your way.

    I know your funds are limited, but Cabela's is occasionally getting .22 CCI Blazer posted for .06/round. It works out to about $31 for 550 rounds, with shipping. I wonder if they do any donations?


  4. Wish I could help you on availability of .22, but it's thin on the ground everywhere.

    I will second with Bob M. said, though. If you can find it and it's expensive, just say the word and I'll kick in for a box or two.

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