I need Web site design help, please

I’m finally taking steps to set up my own Web site.  This blog will continue, of course;  but I’ll probably move hosting to my own Web site, and add more writing-oriented and commercial features as well.  (If you aren’t interested in those, the blog will continue as always, so you don’t need to worry.)

I’d like to find out what good Web designers are out there, with a specific focus on those who’ve set up Web sites for authors and writers (including multiple examples of their work).  I’ve tried the do-it-yourself sites, and they’re not bad, but they channel you into ‘cookie-cutter’ design approaches.  I’d like to discuss better options and ideas, and have someone offer me alternatives, working with me to develop something that will work over the long term.  If we work together, I’ll buy the source code from them, whole and entire, along with rights to modify it as necessary in future.  My budget is limited, but I understand that you get what you pay for.  I don’t mind paying commercial rates, even if I have to save my money for a while until I can afford them.

If any of my readers know of Web designers who fit that bill, or if any of them are reading this, I’d like to talk to you and discuss options, costs, timelines, etc.  Please send me an e-mail (my address is in my blog profile), or comment on this post providing your contact information.




  1. WordPress and buy a template.

    Look at author sites you like. Usually will have web designer there.

    Upwirk is a way to hire cheap web designers.

    I think there is a site, 99 designs. Get a couple of designers competing.

    When I get to work I have in mind two more referrals.

    Fiver is a way to get coding done cheaply.

  2. Barb Drozdowich at Bakerview Consulting. She did my redesign, and she works with writers.


    She's also got a ton of books for writers getting involved with various social media platforms. her blogging books likely won't help you, but some of her others will.

    If you look at my site, I'm running the Fernando theme on the Genesis framework.

    Also, if you find a WordPress site you like, you can use this site to figure out what theme they're running: http://whatwpthemeisthat.com/

    You've got my email if you have other questions.

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