I’m reinstating comment verification on this blog

I know many people had (and still have) trouble with Google’s word verification software for comments, and as a result I’d stopped using it some months ago.  Unfortunately, two problems resulted.  I was having to delete dozens of spam messages each day;  and some spam messages made it through Google’s filters onto the blog anyway.  (I’ve just deleted two that did so within the last half-hour.)

This is too much of an effort when I’m busy with other stuff.  I’m afraid I’ll have to bring back word verification for comments.  I’m sorry if this causes some of you to decide not to comment;  but I hope you understand that the spammers have made it necessary.  If anyone can suggest a better approach, I’d love to hear it!



  1. Good idea. I have noticed that when I have to go through this simple process, I makes me take notice of my spelling, and focusses my reading skills.
    Definitely not a bad thing!.
    Sometimes though, it takes more than one or two tries before I can read what's there, and if there are two 'words', is there a space between them?.

  2. I don't have a blog, so I don't know if you can choose a different captcha system, but someone had http://sweetcaptcha.com/ on their website, and it really seems to work. It's a graphic captcha where you drag the matching graphic to the proper area according to the instructions and it lets you in. No horrible warped images, just very small amounts of logic needed.

    Matt Wennerlund

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