It’s almost beyond be-leaf!

I was amused to read of a street in London, England, that’s developed an unusual surface pattern.

The carpet of leaves comes complete with abrupt, geometric edges – made all the more striking by the patches of unaffected tarmac next to it.

It is thought that last week’s blistering heatwave and an early fall of leaves on to a sticky, non-slip section of tarmac created the collage.

Up close, the leaves appear to have been pressed into the tarmac by cars driving on top of them. Whether this spectacle lasts into winter remains to be seen.

There’s more at the link, including more pictures. Nice to see Mother Nature beautify one of mankind’s more ubiquitous blots on the landscape!


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  1. Not in a million years could a human create something like this. Close maybe, but this is a once-in-a-lifetime gift. Thanks.

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