It’s been a long day

The beta draft of ‘Forge A New Blade’, Volume 2 of the Laredo War trilogy and sequel to ‘War To The Knife‘, is finished.  Tomorrow I’ll post it for beta readers to view and comment, and start my own editing and review process while waiting for their feedback.  Two to three weeks from now and it should be ready to go.

There’s a great sense of satisfaction in completing a manuscript like this.  The beta draft isn’t nearly as polished and presentable as it will be after editing;  I know I’m going to find many rough patches that need fixing up, and loose ends that need to be tied off.  Still, that’s all part of the process.  I’m getting faster and better at it with every book.  Looks like practice really does make . . . well, if not perfect, at least better.

Miss D. and I are planning to take off for a bit of a vacation after the book’s published in mid-May.  I know I’ll be pretty tired and worn out by then, and so will she.  We’re thinking of heading up to Indy to see Brigid, Tamara, Roberta, Mad Mike and other friends, then cut across to Ohio to see Miss D.’s family, Cedar and others.  Sounds like it’ll be a pleasant road trip.

I’m too tired to put up more blog posts tonight.  See y’all in the morning.



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