It’s live!

‘War To The Knife’ has just gone live on in its Kindle version.  A CreateSpace print version has been uploaded and will go live as soon as it’s passed that company’s approval process, which is a bit more convoluted than Amazon’s (not surprising, given the added difficulties in working with paper editions).

I’d be grateful if those of you with blogs and social media pages would please help me spread the word of its release.  If you read it and like it (or even if you don’t like it), please leave a review on too – reviews really, really help other readers decide whether or not to try it for themselves.

Thanks for your patience with somewhat irregular blogging while I finished this project.  It’s been a whole lot of fun, and I really think my writing’s risen to a new level with this book.  Now for Maxwell Volume 4 (hopefully to be published in September), then the Laredo War Volume 2, hopefully in December.  Keep your fingers crossed!



  1. Hey Peter,
    Just posted, will pop up on my blog in the morning according to the scheduling thingie.

  2. Peter, out of curiosity, do you get the same amount if the books is "borrowed" on Kindle? I'm waiting anxiously for the print edition.

  3. @David: No, I get a bit less, but that's OK – I'd rather make the book more widely available, in the expectation that'll generate more sales over time.

    Look for the print edition within a few days. I'll inform readers here as soon as it goes live.

  4. A trilogy, is it?
    Might want to be careful of mission creep.
    Seems it applies to more than just government institutions, and more than one series of books has started off strong and then sort of quietly died inside as book after book comes out, diluting what originally made them special.

    Better, I think, for a series to cease while still burning brightly, to abuse a metaphor.

    Not saying it's necessarily going to happen to yours, just that it seems to be one of the pitfalls of the novelist's profession.

    The Honor Harrington series of novels is the typical example, I believe. I for one never quite got around to reading them all; I sort of put one of them down one day and never got around to picking it back up again.

    Something about how when an author gets famous enough, his editors no longer have the intestinal fortitude to rein him in when he starts off on a cringe-worthy tangents.

    This particular tangent was 'romance', if memory serves.

  5. Just bought a copy, but I have to admit that the concept of "Bactrians" invading a planet gens up images of two-humped camels running wild over the landing field.

  6. Posted a review on Amazon & on my blog, last night. Purchased it for the Kindle, too. Good book!

  7. Durn it, Grant, you ruined my Monday. I bought it Sunday morning for my Kindle, and started reading about noon. I figured I would get a bit into it, and sack in early for work. instead, I found myself awake at 0230 to finish it! I was a zombie at work. the Maxwell books were excellent, but this one is even better. I rank it with Williamson's Freehold and Ringo's military SF, which to me is the top level! buckle down and get the next book out.

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