January 6th: The non-anniversary of a non-event


There’s going to be all sorts of brouhaha from the loony left about how, one year ago, a major terrorist attack on the Capitol was only narrowly thwarted, and the Republic saved for democracy.

It’s all bullshit.

There was no terrorism, there was no “attack” (how could there be, when the Capitol police are on film ushering the demonstrators in?), and the whole thing has been seized upon for political propaganda purposes by a progressive left wing that’s increasingly desperate to find some – any! – cause around which to unite.  Their economic policies are a shambles, their social policies have caused a major breakdown across the board in American cities, and their foreign policy has made this country a laughing-stock of any and all potential enemies.  Without a January 6th around which to rally, their support might gradually disintegrate.

As Tucker Carlson points out:

How do you commemorate something like this – a history-changing event that’s horrible to think about, yet so significant in the life of the country? Body counts are the traditional measure.

When the nation was wracked by unimaginable loss in years past, that’s how we remember it: 40,000 casualties at Gettysburg. 2,400 lost at Pearl Harbor. Nearly 3,000 Americans dead on 9/11. 

But this is a new time, a different age. Those antiquated metrics won’t work as we observe a moment of silence for the fallen of January 6th. 

On January 6th, there was… well, let’s see, actually, there was just Ashli Babbitt. Ashli Babbit wasn’t a Union soldier, or a deckhand on the Arizona, or even a heroic fireman rushing into a collapsing office tower. She was just a Trump voter. She was unarmed. She was shot to death without warning by a Capitol Hill police officer with a documented history of reckless behavior. Ashli Babbitt was the death toll on Jan. 6.

But, honestly, so what? It’s not really about the numbers, is it? It’s not about how many people were killed on January 6th. In fact, the list of those who weren’t killed that day is quite long. It includes all 535 members of Congress, as well as their staff and the entire press corps that covers them. None of them died. They’re all still around. But, again, who cares? It’s not about body counts.

It’s about feelings — how the survivors feel, especially the reporters who survived. The feelings of reporters in Washington matter a great deal in America. They certainly matter a lot more than how you feel at the moment. How you feel, as you’ve probably realized by now, is totally irrelevant to anyone. No one cares. But the journalists of Capitol Hill? They do care. And they’re upset. Many still haven’t recovered from what they saw that day. As they lie down to sleep at night, the horrible images replay on a loop on the back their eyelids: The deafening thunder of cannon volleys. The smoke from the remorseless artillery fire, blotting out the sun. The screams of the mortally wounded calling out for their loved ones, echoing like some demonic soundtrack against the walls of the speaker’s lobby. Hell in a very small place.

He goes on to complain (rightly) that Republicans are complicit in allowing the Democratic Party and its media lackeys to get away with their claims.

Of all the things Jan. 6 was, it was definitely not a violent terrorist attack. It wasn’t an insurrection. Was it a riot? Sure. It wasn’t a violent terrorist attack. Sorry. So why are you telling us it was, Ted Cruz? And why are none of your Republican friends who are supposed to be representing us and all of the people who were arrested during this purge saying anything?

What the hell is going on here? You’re making us think the Republican Party is as useless as we suspected it was. That can’t be true. Reassure us, please, Ted Cruz.

There’s more at the link.

If the progressive left succeeds in taking control of all the reins of power in this country (as they’re hell-bent on doing), they’ll ram January 6th down our throats forever.  It’ll be made out to be the fascist coup that forced them to mount a counter-coup, the spark that ignited our very own, home-grown October Revolution.  If ever sanity prevails in our politics and they lose their current positions of power, expect them to proclaim desperately that this is all the fault of the January 6th “insurrectionists”, who are determined to break the will of the people and force domination upon them (or words to that effect).

As for those of us who watched events unfold on that day, we have a few burning questions of our own.

  • If this was an insurrection, why has nobody been criminally charged with that offense?
  • If this was a riot, why did Capitol police officers openly (on camera) invite the demonstrators into the House and Senate, and hold open the doors for them?
  • If this was an organized right-wing coup attempt, why have so many of the organizers been exposed as likely left-wing agitators and Federal law enforcement informants?
  • Why have the tens of thousands of hours of video recordings taken of the scene of the action and surrounding streets on January 6th, 2021, never been released to the public?  It’s almost as if the powers that be are afraid the recordings will contradict their propaganda, and reveal the truth – that there was no insurrection, terrorism or riot at all.
If anyone tries to tell you otherwise, ask him those questions, and watch him squirm.



  1. RE: was this a riot, we have documented, on-camera, instances of looting and vandalism. So, yes, this was a riot, though not an insurrection. It was, for one thing, not organized enough to be an insurrection.

    Oh, and Babbit was a good shoot under the circumstances, and if we're going to bring up prior behavior she was a massive twerp with a mob behind her.

    The capitol rioters are no different in kind than the twerps who sacked Kenosha.

  2. Sorry, Tom. Your bias is showing. Nice try, though. I'm sure we'll see the same talking points from the left all through today, in an attempt to deflect reality.

    Isolated incidents (VERY isolated) do not make a demonstration a riot.

    As for Babbitt being a "good shoot", that's never been ruled upon in an open inquest or inquiry, and never will be as long as the present powers that be retain office – because it violated all sorts of basic law enforcement protocols and procedures. (I speak as a formally designated holder of a law enforcement position, working for the Department of Justice.)

    You'll have to do better.

  3. There was one other casualty in the January 6th event. Roseanne Boyland, beaten to death by Capital Police. This murder was far more egregious, and covered up accordingly.

  4. Surveillance and bodycam videos of a recent tragic incident in North Hollywood CA show a cop firing three shots from perhaps 20 feet away at a violent individual in a department store who had been attacking people with a heavy bike lock, nearly killing one victim rolling around on the floor covered in her own blood.

    One of the callers to 911 had said that the attacker was armed with a handgun and shooting at people. The suspect was trying to evade arrest and the cop had every reason to believe he was armed and dangerous and about to harm even more people. Sadly, one of the shots he fired ricocheted off the floor, went through drywall behind the perp, and fatally struck a teenage girl hiding with her mom in a changing room.

    This police officer may yet be charged for his action in the line of duty.

    Ashli Babbit's killer had no reason to believe she was going to do violence to anyone, there was no imminent threat from her, and yet he did not get charged.

    Truly a double standard.

  5. I cannot forget the horrifying footage I saw of middle aged people walking between the velvet ropes, gazing at the paintings and ceiling frescoes as they "stormed" the building. Truly the stuff of nightmares!

  6. Don't forget buffalo shaman guy reminding everyone to be respectful of "our" capitol building as he encouraged the violent overthrow of the government.

    Oh wait, something doesn't seem right in that statement.

    Also, the people who are still sitting in jail without charges or trial, one year later.

    And the fact that not one person has been charged with insurrection or treason.

  7. That supposedly rational people can still believe like Tom makes me believe that categorizing them as rational is a Type 1 error.

    Clearly, there are a lot of people who have been propagandized and brain-washed to the point of undependability, despite all the facts and data and video footage that should lead them to a different mindset. The power of government and media in collusion.

    There is literally no investigative interpretation that shooting an unarmed woman climbing through a broken window into an area packed with law enforcement and other security officers is a "good shoot" and I'm ashamed for anyone who thinks it can be. The shooter's life was not in any way being threatened and he was in virtually no danger.

  8. It was a panty raid, FFS.
    The correct punishment is to charge the trespassers for the cost of repair and lean-up, and sentence them to a week picking up trash on the Capitol lawns.

    Anything beyond that is just bull droppings and yeast, baked into a sh*tcake of monumental proportions.

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