Just three days and a wake-up!

My buddy Lawdog‘s first book will be published on Monday.  He’s kinda hyperventilating at the prospect, but those of you who know his writing from his blog will understand the interest and excitement that’s built up among his fans while waiting for this.  The man’s a born raconteur, who tells a tale better than most.

The publication also marks another stage in the development of Castalia House (who also publish some of my work).  It’ll be the first law-enforcement-related book they put out, and they’re watching with keen interest to see how the buying public responds.  If there’s enough interest in the field, they may put out more books along the same lines, as well as fiction in the genre.  (Lawdog’s asked his readers about that, to gauge interest.  If you’d like to read more in that field, please click over to his blog and let him know.)

I’m confident that the book edition of The Lawdog Files will do very well.  There’ll be another volume of his African stories soon, and he’s got enough material (including previously unpublished work) to produce a third volume in the series in due course.  He’s also working on an urban fantasy novel, with heavy law enforcement and Texas overtones.  I’ve had the privilege of reading some of it, and I can tell you, it’s not only exciting, it’s also very funny indeed in parts.  I hope we see it in print soon.



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