1. That last one is at least admirably European. Could easily be a student-type studio apartment somewhere. I admire the efficiency of the layout, having lived in a couple of rather small places from time to time.

  2. An island top shaped like a state is sorta cool. We did the same thing but used Wyoming as the template. We don't get a lot of comments. Probably too subtle.

  3. You know, the stove unit in the top picture actually has kind of a face on it, if you look at it just right…it looks horrified.

  4. Sherm, maybe visitors are quiet about it because they're not sure if it's supposed to be Wyoming or Colorado and just don't want to embarrass themselves by getting it wrong.

  5. Y'know, I would have not thought it possible to have an IQ in negative numbers; I stand corrected. What's even more disturbing is that I doubt any of those examples were the work of only a single individual.

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