Laid low by the dreaded lurgy

(For those who don’t know the term ‘the dreaded lurgy’, see here.)

I found myself last night getting up multiple times, “running at both ends” as they say in the classics.  It’s not a nice feeling.  As a result, I’ve decided to stay put today and set out for home tomorrow, so as not to be caught short on the road with no restrooms within easy distance.  (Besides, this can hit so quickly that any distance at all is too far!)

Miss D. and I have spent the morning idly chatting with Jennifer, Michael, NFO, Lawdog and Phlegmmy.  I’ll get some more rest this afternoon, then get ready for an early start in the morning.  I’ll try to put up another post or two later today.



  1. Hope you are feeling better soon for the trip. Give my best to everyone there. I've been blessed to spend face to face time with each of them and you couldn't be in better company.

  2. I was on a biz trip several years ago when that came to visit. I was driving from bush to bush to finish out the week. The unavoidable urge hit when I was out near Pampa in a pasture working on the last radio site of the day.

    It was peaceful out there with black bald face cows grazing all around…. And me with outrageous intestinal cramps and my backside in the wind. Thankfully, I had a roll of goodness and the solitude to lean up against the front bumper and let the foulness flow.

    I don't know if those were meat cows or milkers, but I'm sure they were tainted and worthless after being downwind of that deposit. It took a dose of slippery elm, pepermint and aloe vera juice to calm the gut down. If I hadn't been strapped in the truck, I'd probably have spasmed out into traffic… That stuff offended my taste buds. BUT…. It's worth having around for those times that try men's souls…..

    Godspeed, neighbor!


  3. Yeah, no fun on the road. I picked up a bug in SE Ohio one time, and learned the location of every public bathroom open after 2100 on a weekend night between there and Columbus. Made it a very long trip.

    Maybe it's not Old NFO. Maybe you're allergic to Texas. 🙂

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