Lipstick on a pig???

I like Glock pistols.  I own more Glock pistols than any other brand… but why in the name of all that’s shooty would someone do this to it?  (Click to embiggen.)

A Glock’s a $500 pistol, dammit.  Why doll the thing up, cut bits and pieces off it, plate others, and up the price to – wait for it – $3,775?

Oh, well.  I suppose the old proverb had it right:  “A fool and his money are soon parted”.  However, I suspect there aren’t many people foolish enough to pay that much for that gun . . .  Certainly, if I had the money to spare, I can think of any number of things I’d buy instead of that monstrosity!



  1. I ran a G19 with an optic on it for a year trying to compensate for diminishing eyesight. I also tinkered with grip reduction. That said, it's still a Glock.

  2. Goes to show you can pay Ferrari prices for a Fiat in anything. My sister owns a pair of $200 sun glasses. I heard Kevin Hart, who is some sort of comedian, got his first big check and bought a watch that cost as much as my house.

    I have seriously toyed with putting an RMR on my Glock. I think they will add a lot to the platform the same way red dot type sights have for defensive carbines. The technology has proven itself but the prices are still kind of high, even for good name brand optics. About the time a whole setup will cost me less than an entire spare Glock I will jump on it.

  3. Proof of concept, vanity or just giggles and grins but its not just G-Locks…

    All of those who want to run an RMR,stipple grips or replace/upgrade triggers more power to you. Those with a yen for converting dollars into raceguns or conversation pieces…its your money…

  4. It's a toy – it needs no reason. You don't need a reason for a 40' sloop, or a offshore racer, or a dune buggy, or…

    The price is exactly right if people are willing to pay it in suffice quantity to make the effort pay off.

    This is what I can diversity 🙂

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